MyMahi Learner App
(Web & Mobile)

The MyMahi Learner App is FREE for all users.

Learners log in via our website with either a Google or Microsoft email.

Users can add additional email logins in their profile so that they never lose access.

We have a growing list of learner features that include:



3 Good Things – Gratitude Diary



Pathway Planner

CV Builder


WorkReady Portfolio


Assessment Results

School Daily Notices

Resource Hub (coming soon)

Scholarships (coming soon)

Mentor Dashboard
(Web & Mobile)

The Mentor Dashboard has been designed for schools and organisations to deploy to their teachers or mentors. This enables them to provide more holistic support for their learners around learning, wellbeing and future pathways.

Once activated, Mentors can:

Create groups and invite their learners to connect

View each of their learner’s profile

Provide individual learner support via shared notes

Manage group discussion and post info and links

Access a growing bank of over 100 click-and-play lessons

Add to their organisation’s shared resources

View the school daily notices

Give Reward Points (if activated by your organisation)

Mentor Manager’s can view all of the organisation’s groups

SMS Integration for Schools

Schools are invited to activate a one-way sync between their Student Management System (SMS) and MyMahi. This service is secure and free. 

Once activated, learners logging into MyMahi with their school email can view their personal assessment results, timetable and the school daily notices.

We plan to enable the integration of more SMS’s in New Zealand and Australia in the near future.



The Newsfeed is the landing page of the MyMahi learner app.

Schools and other organisations can now put their own information and news directly in front of their own learners. 

A school/organisation appoints an unlimited number of Newsfeed Managers. The Newsfeed is simple and easy to post to and can include:

a linked article from your website, Facebook page etc

a clip from YouTube

a linked article from any online newspaper or website

a new article within MyMahi including text and an image

a means to survey or register learners such as via a Google Form

News articles are displayed with the school/organisation name and logo alongside the regular MyMahi daily news.

Learners can like and easily share articles with anyone via standard sharing apps.

MyMahi Rewards

MyMahi Rewards is designed to support school/kura PB4L* school-wide programmes or any school or organisation wanting to encourage positive learner behaviours aligned to their values.

Rewards is simple and easy to use, resulting in less work for teachers and better outcomes for learners.

MyMahi Rewards was designed in consultation with current PB4L schools and will be continually developed and improved based on user feedback.

*PB4L is a Positive Behaviour For Learning initiated by the NZ Ministry of Education (information here)

MyMahi Projects

MyMahi Projects operates like a simple mini-LMS (Learning Management System) and gives schools/kura and other organisations an easy process for learners, apprentices and workers to provide evidence of required learning.

MyMahi Projects are simple to create, deploy and use with learners able to self-manage their own progress. Projects can be used with any type of learning or assessment requiring evidence.

A Mentor can create a Project Template which is available to all mentors/teachers in the organisation to assign to individual or groups of learners. In a nice easy view on both web and mobile, learners can view requirements and resources and upload their evidence.

Digital School Student ID

A school ID on a student’s mobile device is the way of the future so MyMahi is offering schools a digital student ID from 2022.


Schools can save precious time and money by eliminating the need to print Student ID Cards.


MyMahi will provide a tamper-proof student ID reading directly from your school’s SMS and automatically updates new photos.


The ID appears immediately a student logs into MyMahi with their school email credentials (Google or Microsoft), and once a student leaves your school the ID will disappear after a set time.

school ID

Job Opportunities

Businesses and other organisations can post unlimited job opportunities to the jobs feature of the MyMahi learner app.


The MyMahi jobs feature is popular among youth, with over 1000 active entry-level jobs and approximately 50 new positions added daily.


Job opportunities can be filtered by region, city and suburb and can include:

  • Casual work
  • Part-time jobs
  • Full time jobs
  • Apprenticeships
  • Work Experience

Tertiary & Training Courses

Tertiary & Training Organisations can manage by including and updating their courses within the courses page on the MyMahi Learner App.

This enables users to have up-to-date options for further learning.

Organisations have the opportunity to further promote their courses within the course page or on the MyMahi Newsfeed.

Contact Matt to discuss this further.